Get To Know AirTreks is the worldwide leader in providing affordable, customized and efficient international air tickets through advanced technologies for complex multi-stop international journeys. enables travelers and travel agents to create customized itineraries — with an unlimited number of destinations — and receive instant online price estimates with one click.

Our distinctive global sourcing strategy and proprietary technology make it possible for AirTreks to offer unique international air tickets at substantial discounts compared to the typical published fares that are offered by airlines, and other travel agencies and airfare Web sites.

AirTreks’ staff of personal travel consultants includes leading international travel experts who work to optimize every traveler’s choice for airlines, routes and fares. It is crucial for people to have a say in how they want to travel and this is something we’re dedicated to providing!

AirTreks is a fully accredited IATA agency and issue all our tickets in-house.

Our AirTreks Values

  1. We believe that international travel offers a wealth of opportunities for personal growth, cultural exchange and peace.
  2. The Company respects its employees, and its employees respect each other; this respect extends to all our constituents.
  3. We foster one-on-one relationships with our clients to make their journeys as wonderful as possible.
  4. We are ethical and truthful in all our interactions.
  5. We meet our commitments.
  6. We strive for continuous improvement.
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