Still in the planning phase for your RTW trip? Here’s all of our around-the-world and long-term planning resources in one handy place.

There's a difference between restricted and forbidden. While it's legal to travel in Bhutan and Tibet, they're regions with strict restrictions for foreign travelers, and there are certain difficulties associated with it. Read on for a head-start to help you through the red tape.

An Israeli or Cuban passport stamp can present other problems.

The ticket that flies you out of a country after you've flown in. Many countries require proof of onward travel to let you in.

Is it best to reserve all of your accommodations ahead of time, or book as you go on your RTW? Here are some tips on how and when to book places to stay for your trip.

Helpful information for deciding when to take the plunge and purchase your tickets. Hints to help maximize your savings.

Whether it's paying the lowest price or getting the best and most comfortable RTW route for your money, understanding the 5 major factors that affect your RTW Ticket cost will help you make the most of this important investment.

Use one of the best tools on the Web to calculate the price for complicated, multi-stop international airfare.

A simple question with 8 answers. Read them over and decide how you fit into the scenario.

Details on what makes the overall price of your trip what it is and what you'll need to expect when considering expenses.

If you have more than a few hours on an airport connection, a few great suggestions on ways to spend you time waiting for your connecting flight.