How to Book an Around the World Ticket with AirTreks in 3 Easy Steps

If you’ve never booked an Around the World Ticket or a big multi-stop trip with a company like AirTreks there may be quite a few things you’d like to know about the process. And while it may seem complicated at first, it actually breaks down into three simple steps.

Around the world ticket

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Here are the steps to book an around the world ticket with AirTreks, in order:

1. Design your route with TripPlanner and submit it

This is the beginning and arguably the most difficult part of the process – there are so many places to go and narrowing them down can be a frustrating dilemma. Use TripPlanner to plan your itinerary and see which destinations make the biggest prices differences. Price various routes (it’s free to use!) and choose according to your budget. Take a look at our super helpful “where-to-go” planning guide as well.

Once you’ve got it the way you want it, time to hit the submit button. An AirTreks Personal Travel consultant will get back to you within a business day.

Go ahead and lunch our TripPlanner to get started.

2. Revise your itinerary with an AirTreks Personal Travel Consultant

Once you start working with a travel consultant you’ll begin making the final tweaks to your ticket. It’s still possible to change things for free at this point, but it’s best not to get too caught up in tweaking. In other words, make your big route decisions before you get to this stage it’ll smooth out the process before pulling the trigger.

Don’t forget

You Personal Travel Consultant will ask you to choose the dates of all your flights before you confirm. Find out what constitutes high, shoulder and low seasons – click here for our seasonality guide. Once you’ve decided on what date each of the flights will be, your travel consultant run down your complete final itinerary.


3. Pull the trigger, buy you tickets!

While this may seem like the easiest step, we know that it may actually be the most difficult. It comes with a lot of emotions. Fortunately, it’s over quick and once it’s done, that means you’re really going!

Once your around the world ticket finally looks and feels the way you want it, time to pull the trigger. Make a booking appointment with your travel consultant and get that sucker!

Booking tickets is an AirTreks specialty, let us make it easy for you!

Around the world ticket

For more on the AirTreks around the world trip planning process, we have a whole section on our site dedicated to it. Or for answers about how an AirTreks ticket works, read this page.

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