Useful Travel Websites and Links

travel websitesWhile AirTreks may be in the business of expertly assembling your complicated multi-stop trip, we normally leave the “where to go” decision making to you, letting you choose where your fancy takes you.

Still, we know how agonizing travel planning can be. Making good choices about places you’ve never been can be an exercise in  exhaustion. Fortunately there are tons of resources in the form of travel websites at your disposal, each one vying to be the best and prettiest of them all.

This page provides a list of some truly great travel websites created to help maximize your fun and minimize your ignorance along the byways of the trip planning process:

Planning Assistance

AirTreks TravelBase – ask a travel question, get a travel answer. “Tap into the travel knowledge of more than 33,000 travelers from 129 countries.” Easy to use and informative, and right on our website!

Wanderfly – travel resource that suggests activities, dining and hotel options based on a set of criteria such as interest, budget and trip date. Scrapes social media for results. Well-organized and fun to use!

Joobili - cool site that lets you find out what’s happening in a spot over a certain time period (eg, when you’re there!). You can search a selection of event types in categories such as arts, music, sports, celebrations, etc.

Triporama – a group travel planning resource that helps you plan trips with lots of moving parts. Great for managing messages and sharing research.

Gecko Go! – an easy to use planning site with lots of reader submitted suggestions. Great user-interface.

WAYN – “Where Are You Now” boasts 19 million members. Essentially a crowdsourcing platform that allows you to share and browse other people’s trips to get suggestions for your own. Also a great way to document your trip.

Planetware – a comprehensive collection of things to do the world round, with very little pressure to spend money. Cool maps section as well – traditional maps, attraction layouts, even historic building floorplans!

Globetrotter – a useful tool that helps you connect with like-minded individuals and groups for international travel. Very slick user experience, now with a special RTW travel section!

Connecting: Solo Travel Network – if you’re on your own, CSTN may prove invaluable. The site has a one-time fee to join but quickly pays you back in services and information, including Reader Reports, Travel Tales and general tips for independent travel.

Around the World With Kids – website designed to help you plan your big family RTW trip.

Travel Blogs

AirTreks Travel Blog – the official blog for AirTreks – articles, news, videos and information all concerning  round-the-world and international travel as seen through the AirTreks lens. A great place to start.

Gadling – travel blog powerhouse with articles covering a universe of travel-related subjects. One of most widely read travel blogs on the Internet. AOL owned.

Rick Steves – where Europe is concerned you don’t get much more knowledgeable than Rick Steves. He’s spent the last 30 years documenting the European continent and his experience is vast. His site has gotten a lot better over the last few years so now, really, there is no better source for info from the world’s most visited countries.

Matador Network – travel writing, commentary and reviews covering nearly all subjects travel-related. Articles submitted by a huge network of both readers and established writers.

Reviews and Info

Lonely Planet and Thorn Tree Forums – permanently world-renowned, Lonely Planet is consistently one of travel’s best, with guidebooks crushed into backpacks and suitcases everywhere. The Thorn Tree Forum is relief from unanswerable question fatigue. Pretty much every destination you can think of is covered, written by travelers who have been there and know what they’re talking about.

Traveldudes – informative destination info with quick and easily-digestible reviews covering hundreds of destinations worldwide. A great place for key details.

World Reviewer – a comprehensive site that provides a list of activities over a huge number of destinations. From ballooning to surfing to arts & crafts to culture and adventure activities, all well laid out for the easily distracted.


Can I Drink the Water – tells you if tap water is potable for nearly every country in the world.


Go Abroad – consulate and embassy information for pretty much every country in the world. Comprehensive search feature.

Teach/Study Abroad

Go Abroad – search for programs all over the world – study, teach, volunteer, intern, work, TEFL.

Go Overseas! – similar to Go Abroad but more easily navigated. Four categories: Study, Teach, Volunteer, Intern, overseas. Great opportunities.


One Bag – definitive site on the art of packing lite. Instructions, tutorials and detailed packing lists.


Eardex – a budget planning tool that shows the relative cost-of-living in countries, regions and cities around the world. Provides reliable daily budget dollar amounts.

Price of Travel – not as fun to use as Eardex but maybe more useful. Complete budget planning info.

Flight Delays

Sleeping In Airports – the premier website for places to catch some quiet in airports around the world. Plenty of traveler reviews. The best out there.

Airport Transportation

To and From the Airport – details on how to get, yes, to and from the airport. A full list of worldwide airports. Info on trains, buses, taxis, shuttles, car and drivers and more. Not very well designed but very helpful.

Travel Community

There are plenty of sites on the web to join great communities of like-minded travelers. Here are some we really like, along with what they do in their own words:

Tripping – a great user interface that connects travelers with locals for tips, meals, drinks and/or homestays. Great worldwide coverage extending over 135 countries. “People to meet, places to stay.”

AFAR – In the real world Afar is a wonderful glossy travel magazine, but online Afar hosts a travel community that is well-read, well-traveled and extremely knowledgeable. Even their editors sometimes chime in, and that adds a lot. Fill out an initial personality-type questionnaire and get great recomms.

Gogobot – “A single place to collect your travel experiences, favorite places, and tips.”

Gozaic – An “online community and destination guide for cultural and heritage travelers.”

Stood There – “Lets you share the places you’ve been, vote for your favorites, and find out where some of the best places on the planet really are.”

Got Saga – “A worldwide community of people with a passion for traveling and cultural diversity.”

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