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TripPlanner, What It Is and How To Use It

around the world trip planner

AirTreks has our very own around the world trip planner called, you guessed it, TripPlanner. It’s a sophisticated airfare pricing engine designed to give instantaneous pricing for multi-stop or round-the-world plane tickets, quickly and accurately, helping you plan and budget your upcoming trip and kick start the AirTreks booking process.

Since 1998, TripPlanner has been the only tool on the web to offer immediate pricing for complex international itineraries without rule restrictions, limited standard routes or the need to articulate dates for every flight on your trip while in the planning stage.

It works by assembling a database of specialty fares only available to AirTreks into the most cost effective route for the destinations you’ve chosen.

TripPlanner can price trips starting and ending anywhere in the world (not just the USA) in any order, combination or complexity. It even allows you to add surface segments, so if your plan is to travel overland on your own for any leg, TripPlanner will calculate the price accordingly.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Pick your destinations from the interactive world map. Don’t forget to include the cities you’re DEPARTING FROM and also RETURNING TO or ENDING IN.
  • If necessary, rearrange the destination sequence to see if different routes or orders lower the cost. Add or remove stops.
  • If you want to travel overland on your own (i.e. by train, bus, boat, camel, etc), click on the blue “i” next to the city you want to leave from on your own. Click the “overland” option.
  • Once you’ve completed your route, click on the “Get Prices” button in the bottom right corner. You will be immediately taken to a landing page that will have a trip summary and a price range.
  • When you’re ready to finalize your plans, simply add your contact information and submit the trip you’ve built. It will be automatically passed on to one of AirTreks’ Personal Travel Consultants who will work with you directly to optimize the itinerary and set up the flight arrangements down to the last detail.

*A note on dates: Aside from starting and ending dates, individual dates are not required until you’re ready to book, but segment dates do help your consultant provide a more accurate quote.

So where’s the price?

You’ll get your price results once you click the “Get prices” button. You’re not obliged to buy anything by clicking this button.

get prices - around the world trip planner

Get the estimated price by clicking “Get Prices” on the city list page.

price range - around the world trip planner

This is where you’ll see your estimate price.

What’s with the price range? Why not an exact price?

TripPlanner was created as a tool to get instant prices for complex trips. We know how important your time is, so we built it without forcing you to spend time on formalities required elsewhere, like adding dates, specific flights or waiting for results from the airlines’ flight availability computers. Since final prices differ dramatically depending on these trip elements (ones you may not even know yet) TripPlanner provides a price range to cover all the options. Nine times out of ten the final cost of your trip will fall within TripPlanner’s estimated price range. (Exceptions might be for last minute or predominantly peak season travel.)

Your Personal Travel Consultant will narrow down the range to a single price when a more accurate quote is delivered.

*TripPlanner prices include all taxes and fees, and for US residents, travel insurance.

In order to balance speed and accuracy, TripPlanner does not include every city in the world with an airport.  If your departure city or destination city is not included on the TripPlanner map, simply choose the closest city to it geographically. The TripPlanner estimate will still be close.  When you submit the trip, simply note the actual city in the comments box and your consultant will adjust your routing by hand.

TripPlanner is best way we know to help travelers figure out the initial costs of a complex international journey painlessly and accurately.

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