We Heart Travel

Anyone can travel. And it's our (okay biased) opinion that everyone should travel.

Travel has a way of speaking to you, opening your eyes and changing you from the inside out. You can use travel to relax, to see the world, to connect with others who share your passion or to just have adventure, all the while creating experiences and memories to cherish as you grow older. This is our travel philosophy.

travel philosophyYou might be traveling to visit family or friends, for work, because you’re relocating, volunteering, sight-seeing or to simply relax on a beach somewhere to get away from it all. These things are specific to you and your own personal vision for your life. But there is a broader question: As a human, why do we travel in the first place?

The broader question is why are some people content to spend their entire lives within 50 miles of where they were born and others relentlessly bow to a Wanderlust that can never be sated?

These people—these travelers—are easily recognized. It’s a glow in their eyes when they’re discussing their latest trip, it’s a devil-may-care attitude when something goes awry or an ability to sustain countless hours in unbearable conditions simply to discover a tiny new village in the jungles of Peru.

Travel is incredibly fulfilling. 

There is a common thread of human experience that comes with it and makes you want to delve beyond the simple questions. How are we different? How are we the same? What is daily life like for a shopkeeper in Laos? Then you want to know about the art and the history and see what experiences helped shape them as a people. For some, this is sight-seeing, for others, it’s simply part of  “being there.”

By virtue of your coming to the AirTreks website and reading this you have demonstrated a desire to answer these questions for yourself. Whether it is travel around the world or multi-destination travel, for those afflicted with the travel bug, the question is not simply “when is my next trip?” but also “why can’t I stop?”

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