Booking Tickets

So you’re committed to the trip enough to say, “when can I buy my tickets?”. It’s a great step and a wonderful feeling, the planning process denouement, so to speak.

Take a look at the “Booking Tickets” subsections and become more comfortable with what you should be doing at this stage in the game.

The Benefits of Buying Multi-Stop Plane Tickets From One Source
You could buy your tickets all over the Internet, or get them from one source. We recommend the latter.

When To Buy?
Helpful information for deciding when to take the plunge and purchase your tickets. Hints to help maximize your savings.

Too Soon To Buy
There’s a window for how far in advance you can reserve airline tickets, a date set by the airlines themselves. Click the link for details about when is too soon and what to do about it.

Frequent Flyer Miles: Accruing and Redeeming
Specifics on the airlines will accrue miles to your frequent flyer account and how to go about getting it done.

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