Travel Insurance

We recommend that travel insurance for all travelers and all trips. The providers below are who we recommend to AirTreks travelers.

AirTreks provides and pays for Travelex's Post Departure Travel Protection Plan with all qualifying ticket packages. You can purchase the optional Advantage Plan which provides Trip Cancellation coverage.

Please Note: Travel Protection is available to residents of the U.S. except the residents of New York state. Crimea Region of Ukraine, Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Iran and Libya are not accepted destinations due to governmental regulations of OFAC.

For questions regarding these plans, please email Travelex at or call 1.844.808.5953. 1402278

AirTreks has partnered with Nomad SOS to offer you a convenient, and potentially life saving item to add to your packing list. Emergency ID is a tech-free way to carry your emergency medical information with you at all times. It can also be carried and used as photo ID to avoid the risk of losing your drivers license, and other valuable documents, which can be near impossible to replace while traveling. Emergency ID includes 14 pieces of vital information, including your name, date of birth, nationality, spoken languages, blood type, allergies, health concerns, medications, impairments, identifying features, donor information, emergency contacts, membership number, and of course your photograph. Nomad SOS can also replace your card if lost or stolen and mail it to you anywhere in the world. travel insurance cover residents from over 140 countries. You can buy, extend and claim online, 24/7, even if already traveling. Cover for a range of adventure activities plus access to travel safety information, language guides and free travel blogs.