AirTreks Global Support Message for week of April 6, 2020
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Customer Testimonials

You guys were amazing and we would definitely recommend you to family and friends! Just took the survey and gave you a 10! Thank you for everything, you made our trip a lot smoother.
Natalie Cooley
We were particularly thrilled that Airtreks handled our trip because the level of detail they helped us out with.
I think it would have taken me the entire year to accomplish the tasks that Airtreks completed with such efficiency! I will definitely be using Airtreks again when my travel plans need to be correct! They nailed it!
Kim Mather
My husband and I just got back from our Europe trip (Rome, Paris, and London). We had an awesome time. Thanks for making our travels easy and stress free with our itinerary. Also, thanks for being easy accessible when needed. I would definitely use your company again.
Jacquie Truax

Welcome to AirTreks

Super Human Service on Around the World Tickets and your complex travel needs since 1987
My name is Sean Keener, I am the lead travel servant at AirTreks and I welcome you with open arms and gratitude.

You are in the “right place” if you…

  • Know that you need an around the world ticket or an air ticket with 3 or more stops (We can do up to 100 stop for country counters)
  • Are interested in this concept of slow travel or long-term travel.  We have been called authorities on this topic over the past decades
  • Want to look at other options beside Disneyworld and Carnival Cruises and other manufactured travel experiences
  • Want to explore the concept of collecting experiences vs material things
  • Want to meet or read about people like you that have done around the world travel and how it impacted their lives and their communities.
  • Want to see what an around the world trip might cost?
  • Want to explore taking your family on a life changing trip that will impact your childrens lives in ways a classroom or school can’t