Heather Stephens

Heather Stephens

It started with a dream that turned into an action item: Travel the world. Make it happen. Heather was on a quest to see as much of the world as she could within a year’s time. So, she aligned herself with a powerful team of remote working travel lovers and put her marketing talents to work. Her greatest joy in life is travel and her mission is to connect with others seeking travel as a pathway to transformation. The marketing lead position was a natural fit for her; everyday she delights in encouraging, inspiring, and enabling anyone with a passion similar to hers, to set out on their own worldly trek.

Current City: Seattle, Washington

Favorite City: Santorini, Greece

Countries Traveled: France, Monaco, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Morocco, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Barbados, St. Kitts, Mexico, Canada

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