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Explore a collection of unique destinations on this journey.
We love that this trip combines such different cities, to give you a chance to experience places that are a bit further-flung than your typical European tour.

Recommended Trip Length: 6 weeks to 6 months.
Tip – plan your Schengen stay carefully.


With cobblestone walkways and ancient ruins covering Lisbon’s trademark seven hills, your camera arm will be busy while here. A foodie’s paradise, Lisbon is also famous for its rowdy and vivacious nightlife scene – check out Bairro Alto of an evening. Google Lisbon opens in 2018.

Work + Travel visitors say: “Lisbon is the perfect place for digital nomads”


Once a well known pirate haven, Rabat is now the charming capital city of Morocco. Visit the UNESCO heritage listed medina – or if you’re not feeling up to sightseeing, simply sit and drink the famous mint tea Moroccans use as an excuse to relax and socialize. Herbs and spices are used abundantly and subtly in the local cuisine, so be sure to sample liberally. Although Rabat is the administrative center of the country, the city also has a strong economic presence in the services sector – primarily telecom and finance.

Working Travelers say: “Rabat is awesome and the best place to be for a month.”


The second largest city in Spain, Barcelona is the tourist capital of the country and also the largest city on the entire Mediterranean. Wander down vivacious Las Ramblas over to Sagrada Familia – Gaudi’s famous cathedral; Barcelona has something for everyone’s taste.

Work + Travel visitors say: “I L-O-V-E Barcelona! It is extremely conducive to remote working on top of being an excellent destination!”


The largest coastal city in Croatia, Split is both the region’s center of trade and a popular jumping off point for the Dalmatian coast’s many islands. With soaring coastal mountains as a backdrop, Split has everything from Roman palaces to famous seafood from the Adriatic to keep locals and tourists busy.

Work+ Travel visitors say, “I loved exploring Croatia and being near the sea.”


A mixture of eastern and western influences, Belgrade is one of the most up and coming cities in all of Europe. Hapsburg and Ottoman architecture sit alongside each other with the storied Danube flowing in between. A nightlife scene to rival any of Western Europe’s, Belgrade can also provide a quiet afternoon in one of the elaborate coffeehouses along Knez Mihailova.

Work + Travel visitors say, “Belgrade is a city with a remarkable amount of soul, and allowed us to pad our bank accounts a bit thanks to the cheaper cost of living.”


Bohemian art and architecture, a plethora of castles and old squares, and some of the best beer in the world – what’s not to like? The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is one of eastern Europe’s most diverse and desirable cities. Explore narrow medieval streets, or check out one the famous gardens or museums scattered across the city.

Work + Travel visitors say, “Even after having visited Prague before, I fell in love with it all over again during my time here.”


Well known for its modern architecture, intense parties, and iconic sights, Berlin is the lively and high-tech capital city of Germany. Rich with history, both recent and ancient, Berlin has no shortage of cultural and academic appeal.

Work + Travel visitors say: “Berlin was AMAZING. so full of history and culture.”

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