Protected: Microbattical: 4 Weeks Around The World

Don't quit your job: take a microbattical!

Life is short. Time is valuable. And that's why we are making it easier to see the world! We've put together a carefully crafted 4-week route around the world, and all you have to do is show up at any major US airport.

Four Weeks Round The World: $2,499 USD

April 3rd-28th, 2017

The bustling metropolis of Bangkok. Elephants on the island nation of Sri Lanka. The world’s tallest building and busiest mall in Dubai. Tapas in Barcelona, and an overland train to Madrid. The rugged volcanic coast of Iceland.

Experience all of this back-to-back with our carefully curated 4-week microbattical, available for a limited number of applicants. Our team of professional travelers has designed this routing to make the most of your time, yet still allowing you to see some of the world’s most special destinations.

Krabi Beach, Thailand