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AirTrek Highlights

• Visit French chateaus and taste local wines and delicacies
• Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Rhine Valley with its vineyards and picturesque villages
• Enjoy both Piedmont and Tuscany’s villages and wine regions
• Follow in the footsteps of pilgrims in Barcelona
• Experience the romance of the Douro Valley wine region

Price includes:

• All flights
• 24hr support and flight monitoring
• Suggestions for where to stay
• Printable and online real-time version of your itinerary.
• Our top recommendations for winery tours – we’ve picked our favorites and will lead you in the right direction, but we leave the final choice up to you. You can budget $30-$300 per day, depending on your choices.

Wine Around the World Flights with AirTreks

Old World Wine Tour

(Starting from New York*) – Bordeaux – Frankfurt – Milan – Florence – byland
– Florence – Barcelona – Porto – (Ending in New York*)

This trip is for you If you love wine culture, sitting in beautiful vineyards, tasting world class juice, and meeting the people who care for the vines and winemaking. For the typical cost and logistical headache of visiting one or two major wine regions, you could actually visit 6 and tour most of Europe at the same time. Imagine touring famous Chateaux in Bordeaux with a glass in hand, then floating down the Rhine river for a Riesling tour, tasting the killer B’s and Supertuscans in Italian villas among the vines, then bubbly Cava outside of Barcelona, and finishing your trip with a tasting of Port along the riverfront in Porto. You could experience the absolute best of the old world in one trip.

*Your Origin and Destination is flexible, and may alter the total cost for the trip.

Contact a Travel Planner

Our wine expert Travel Planner Aaron will help you to put this trip together. Aaron is a Certified Specialist of Wine and has 12 years of experience working in the wine industry. He has spent a great deal of time in wine country including working in Napa and Sonoma as well traveling to other wine producing regions. Wine and travel are his passions.