We're Here to Help You and Your Clients


Email us to get started on your flights: flightdesk@airtreks.com
Concierge Flight desk phone: 415-977-7159

24/7 Support or Post-Purchase Customer Service: 415-977-7171
or customercare@airtreks.com


Your Agent Toolkit

I am having an emergency, who should I call?

Call our 24/7 support team - 415-977-7171
- or Email our support team - customercare@airtreks.com

This is my first time using AirTreks Concierge Flight Desk, how does it work?

Email us to get started on your flights: flightdesk@airtreks.com
- or call our Concierge Flight desk phone: 415-977-7159

How does it work and what do you need from me?

Include this to make your life easier:
Their phone number.
Their itinerary.
Their passport information (images are best).

How many emails or communications will I get?

You'll get three emails!
1. First: Acknowledging we received your handoff.
2. Later: Asking for approval of your client’s itinerary.
3. Finally: Sharing flight confirmation documents.

We'll manage the communication with your clients, learning their preferences and taking care of the details.

Can you do ticketing/booking as well as reservation and consultation?

Yes! We are one of the few companies out there who can do ticketing as well as all the expert consultation. Aren't we amazing?