Adam Seper

Adam Seper
Travel Consultant

I have been part of the team since August, 2011, first as a writer then as editor in charge of content and marketing. I made the switch to the AirTreks side of our company as a travel consultant in June 2015.

My passion for travel started late. I didn’t have a passport until my mid-twenties, and my first real overseas adventure was a 3-week trip to Europe in 2005, where I proposed to my wife on the top of a castle in Ireland. That trip was supposed to be our last “big one” before we retired as we were both beginning our respective careers.

After our marriage and the “American Dream” began to take shape, a funny thing happened on an innocent dog walk one spring evening in 2007. Long story short – my wife proposed we quit our jobs and take a year-long RTW trip (I didn’t even know what RTW meant!), and before long we were planning the trip of a lifetime instead of saving for a house.

That trip to South America, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and India changed me in every possible way, and it led me to my current path in life, helping others plan similar life-changing journeys!

We currently live in St. Louis, Missouri with our young son (and another on the way!), and we can’t wait to start planning a journey with our kids to show them the magic of long-term travel.

Current City: St Louis, Missouri

Countries Traveled: Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Spain, England, United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Belize, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, India, New Zealand