Madison Hagen

Madison Hagen

My journey of exploring the world began in 2009 after experiencing the loss of one of my first true mentors. His motto in life was to “eat dessert first” and what he meant by it was, why wait to enjoy life? Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Fast forward eight years, I’m still traveling the world with no plans on stopping.

The first trip was with my best friend, traveling from the Patagonia region in South America all the way up to Columbia. We did and saw what felt like everything. We swam with sharks, hiked Machu Picchu, took way too many overnight buses, mountain biked the world’s most dangerous road, and so much more.

I also travel solo quite often. My favorite solo trip would have to be Sri Lanka. I’m not sure I have experienced the level of kindness that I did anywhere else.

I’m a slow traveler, preferring to live and work, if possible, in the country I’m staying in. So far, I have lived in Australia, Bali, Indonesia and currently way up north in Umea, Sweden, the hometown of my boyfriend.

I can say with confidence there is no better quality of education or experience as traveling the world and experiencing the fascinating cultures of others.

Current City: Umea, Sweden

Favorite City: Way too many to name!

Countries Traveled: Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, United States