Special Promotion

Purchase your Airfare from AirTreks and we’ll take care of your first night in a unique hotel courtesy of AirTreks, and our partner Global Basecamps!

AirTreks knows that planning a complex international trip is more than just planning your flights – you also need to figure out where you’re going to stay and what you’re going to see and experience. So to thank you for purchasing your international flights from AirTreks, we want to make sure you’ve got a special place to stay for your first night when you arrive at your first destination.

Just purchase your airfare by October 31st, 2012, and we’ll connect you with our partner Global Basecamps, who will work with you to find the right accommodations for you when you arrive at your first destination. In addition, as an added benefit, Global Basecamps can provide you with complimentary customized ground itineraries for the rest of your adventure including additional accommodations, tours and activities.

We hope you continue to find AirTreks personalized airfare planning services valuable, and take advantage of the enhanced ground planning services provided by Global Basecamps when planning your next adventure.


  1. Minimum purchase price of $3,000 for all travelers to receive first free night hotel accommodations.  Additional items purchased, such as travel insurance, will not be considered as part of this minimum price.
  2. This offer valid for trips purchased by October 31st, 2012. Free hotel night must be booked with Global Basecamps by Dec 1st, 2012.
  3. This promotion only covers airfare purchased directly from AirTreks.  Purchases made from our partners, such as Booking Wiz, are not covered.
  4. This offer cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon or promotion.
  5. This offer is NOT valid for travel agents or other resellers.
  6. This offer does not cover roundtrips in Coach, Business or First Class.
  7. This offer is based on one free hotel room per $3000 + airfare purchase.   Airfare purchase price must be $3000 for each free hotel room. The number of free hotel rooms cannot exceed the number of travelers booked on an individual sale.
  8. Hotels included in this promotion are single or double occupancy only. If the number of travelers in your party exceeds the occupancy of the rooms available based on your airfare purchase price, there may be an additional cost to add people to your room, or you may need to book an additional room separately at your own expense. For example, if your party of 5 spends $6500 on airfare, you will receive 2 double occupancy rooms for the first night of your trip. You will need to either pay an additional fee at your own expense to add a third person to one of the rooms, or you will need to book another room at your own expense for the 5th person.
  9. Your first night free hotel accommodation must be booked for your first night in your first destination, with the exception of the blackout period of December 15,2012 – January 10, 2013.
  10. A variety of hotels in nearly every city in the world are available for your review, but this offer is limited to a list of pre-selected properties with prices averaging $125 per night. In some cases depending on availability, specific hotels and rooms may not be available in your first destination or on your selected date. In these cases, or where the hotel offerings are not acceptable to the traveler, AirTreks will instead offer the traveler a $100 Amazon gift card  instead of a complimentary hotel night.
  11. In order to redeem your first free hotel night, please contact our partner Global Basecamps directly to review your accommodation choices and make reservations. To contact Global Basecamps, please contact them at 866-577-2462 or via their website at www.globalbasecamps.com. Please make sure to mention promotion code ATGBC1012 when speaking to Global Basecamps.