Sarah Gamber

Sarah GamberPersonal Travel Consultant

Travel Bio:

I have been a travel consultant at AirTreks since July 1998. Like many of our younger clients, my passion for travel started with a 4 month backpacking trip around Europe after University graduation. On this trip, I became my happiest self, and knew that the life of a traveler was a life for me.

A year later, I took off on an 11 month Around the World trip that culminated with another year, living abroad in Dublin, Ireland. Soon after, I found myself living in San Francisco and working for AirTreks, which kept my yearly adventures to shorter stints of 4-5 week Multi-Stop Trips. I met my husband (and coworker!), Daniel, while at AirTreks, and we have shared many travel adventures, including our Around the World honeymoon trip, and a 13 month hiatus in the South Pacific and South America.

We returned to Airtreks, and began working from New York, then Portland, Oregon, where we began our family. I hope to instill the travel bug in our children, and take them on many family treks through the coming years.

Places I have visited:

  • Europe – Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sweden
  • Middle East – UAE
  • Africa – Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Mauritius
  • Asia – Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Hong Kong
  • South Pacific – Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, French Polynesia, Fiji, Easter Island
  • North America – USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico
  • South /Central America – Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Panama

*Although I can talk your ear off about places that I have been (i.e. South America),  I’ve done tons of research on India, Southern Africa, etc., and planned trips for clients traveling everywhere in the world.

I especially enjoy helping families make this dream come true.

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