Airlines are quite strict when it comes to passengers using their ticketed flights in the order they were issued. If a flight is missed or canceled in a series of ticketed flights, the remainder of the flights in that sequence will automatically cancel and the ticket in its entirety will become null and void.

Once a ticket is marked as a no-show it retains no value and cannot be used.

If you no-show, airlines can no longer re-sell your seat to someone else and as a penalty immediately void “no-show” reservations. Airlines impose these rules to ensure their planes remain full and to protect their pricing structure.

If this seems harsh, it is, but there’s not much to do about it. After the plane door shuts, the airline is in complete control.

If you plan to miss a leg on one of your tickets, please make sure you let us (or the airline) know as soon as possible. It may not be too late to reissue and reroute your flights for your new and desired route.