How to Plan an Around the World Trip

No matter what type of long-term travel you’re planning, be it an Around the World Trip (RTW), a Multi-Destination Journey or a Circle Pacific Trip , we’re here to help you figure out how to best see the world.  For over 25 years, AirTreks has been creating simple and flexible trips for all types of travelers and we are here to help learn how to plan an Around the World Trip with the help of our travel experts.

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We know that planning any trip  is full of challenges and when you are planning an Around the World trip the challenges get larger, but we are here to take the mystery and frustration out of how to plan an Around the World Trip. In addition to our own resources we recommend that you check out our friends at BootsnAll and their excellent Around the World Travel Guide.

25 years of experience of working with people on their Around the World and Multi-Destination airfare have taught us a few lessons on how to plan your trip and we are here to share that information with you.  On this page you’ll find links to numerous AirTreks travel planning resources — use them to help you figure out how plan an Around the World trip that’s affordable, efficient and just plain awesome! We also have our personal travel consultants available to answer your questions. You can call them at 415.977.7100 to help with planning your trip.

You’re in the planning phase: the period from the glimmer of the travel idea until the moment you leave for the airport.Ready? Here’s how to plan an Around the World Trip:

These are tips on how to make your around the world trip great from the very beginning.

AirTreks Official Planning Timeline Our big overview of how to plan an Around the World Trip. Everything you should be doing in the planning phase and when.

What is an AirTrek? Who we are and what we do. Helping define AirTreks and the RTW ticket.

How to choose where to go? Tips to help you decide what places to put on your around the world trip.

How to save money for long term travel 20 miraculous ways to put money in the bank.

How to create your travel budget Advice on expenditures and knowing what this thing will cost.

Who should you travel with? Insight on traveling companions: female, solo, children and more when planning an around the world trip.

Booking tickets The ins and outs of the AirTreks around the world ticket booking process. Practical info.

Insurance Details about the most important thing you pack on your around the world trip.

Packing, gear and technology What to take with you and how to keep it light.

Where will you stay? Advice on accommodations.

Staying healthy on the road How to get back home in ship shape.

For all our tips on planning your trip, visit the READY section of our guide.

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