The AirTreks Difference

AirTreks leads the way in providing simple, flexible and affordable plane tickets for around-the-world and multi-stop international travel.

We know how challenging, even daunting, planning a complicated round-the-world ticket can be. We’re here for you. AirTreks has been helping travelers arrange complex international itineraries for nearly 25 years and every day we help our customers design and book their perfect custom trip.

La dolce VeniciaWhen you pick up the phone to call AirTreks, or submit a trip via TripPlanner, you speak to one of our Personal Travel Consultants: a fellow traveler, a friend and a guide. They exist as your “point person” working with you directly throughout the booking process. Not only are they seasoned travelers but they’re also experts, highly experienced in working with complex international airfares.

We pride ourselves most on our extremely high level of personalized service.

AirTreks and Customer Service

AirTreks is here to help you if you hit snags while you’re on the road. Our customer service department is dedicated to assisting you in every way they’re able. If you miss a flight or need to make changes to your schedule, you’ll feel comfortable in ways booking a ticket on your own would never allow. Your trust is something we value over anything else and continuously strive to earn it.

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AirTreks vs. Doing it yourself

If you’re not an expert in international airfares important details can slip through the cracks; you may be looking an option that’s less than ideal and not even know it. Booking online can also lead to incorrectly issued tickets, misconnects, or at worst, identity theft. You can avoid all that by purchasing from a professional.

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Free Stops!

Want to see a little more of the world? An AirTreks ticket allows for such perks as free stopovers in connect points. Our staff will let you know where these are and how long you can stay. It’s a value-added service you won’t see in other places.

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AirTreks vs. The Alliances

AirTreks RTW tickets differ from those purchased with your standard airline alliance in a few key ways. Most importantly, we’re cheaper. About 80% of the time an AirTreks ticket ends up beating the same alliance ticket in price, which may be all you need to know.

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AirTreks vs. The Others

At AirTreks we are constantly striving to come up with better, less expensive and more convenient ways of getting you around the world. TripPlanner is miles above our competition, the best in the industry for providing instant and accurate pricing for complex itineraries.

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See For Yourself

If you happen to be tossing around the idea of using AirTreks to get your around-the-world or customized multi-stop ticket, call up one of our skilled Personal Travel Consultants and get the low-down on the process.

Submit your itinerary through TripPlanner and then connect with a member of our team. They’re happy to discuss the details of your trip via email or phone. Your expectations are extremely important so addressing questions ahead of time will ensure you get what you need before you ever pay a dime.

Feel free to call us at 1.877.AIRTREKS. Or from outside the US at +1.415.977.7100. We’re looking forward to helping you book your trip of a lifetime!

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