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Get an autographed copy of Vagabonding, by Rolf Potts when you book your 1st AirTrek

What is an AirTrek?

An AirTreks is a trip, with at least 3 stops in at least 2 countries.

An AirTreks RTW trip isn’t just a set of plane tickets, it’s a journey, a series of once in a lifetime moments. It’s a vehicle to help you better understand the world around you and to help meet the challenges of the future with a skill set only travel can teach you.

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What comes with an AirTrek?

  • Your complex route to 2 or more places booked with us.
  • 24/7 support, from us (Not a new person and new 1-800# for each leg)
  • Travel Insurance included as part of your AirTrek
  • Expert Travel Planners or DIY your trip on Indie with a skill set only travel can teach you.

BootsnAll’s Indie (Powered by AirTreks) allows you to explore the possibilities of long-term travel in a way that actually reflects the flexibility of independent travel. It enables you to research international multi-stop and around-the-world flights with instant pricing, online booking, and none of the cumbersome rules and restrictions that come with airline-alliance bookings. If you’re only planning a trip from Point A to Point B you might not need Indie — but if your journey entails onward travel to Points C or D or Z, Indie is an essential research tool

Rolf Potts

THANK YOU so much for making this trip possible, all your help was invaluable. The team all along the way was so great including the time we went to the wrong Bangkok airport and had to divert to the real one and nearly missed our flight! Airtreks was there with us all the way.

Russ Ackerman

I rated you a 10 because I’ve just returned home (yesterday) from a one year, round-the-world trip and I couldn’t be happier with the mechanics of the trip, much less the actual experience of seeing the world. Every time I worked with Airtreks, I always received great customer service, facilitation and fast responses. I will recommend Airtreks in the future and have already mentioned you guys to many friends at home and abroad. I hope I myself can work with you guys again on a future big trip! Thank you SO much!

Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Get an autographed copy of Vagabonding, by Rolf Pottswhen you book your 1st AirTrek