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The Grand Escape
The Grand Escape Map
$ $ $ $

New York City - Milan - Dubai - Johannesburg - Mahe - Mumbai - Bangkok - New York City

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Circle the Globe
Circle the Globe Map
$ $ $ $

New York City - London - overland - Paris - Prague - Beijing - Hong Kong - New York City

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Hop Around Latin America
Hop Around Latin America Map
$ $ $ $

Miami - Cartagena - Bogota - Rio de Janeiro - Cuzco - Lima - Miami

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Who is AirTreks?

AirTreks has been a provider of around the world tickets since 1987. We believe travel is vital: so we assist travelers in planning their complex flight itineraries (especially in planning complex routes with up to 25 stops). We are the leader of multi-stop international travel, including business class and first class airfare. We’ve created TripPlanner, our online tool which lets you map out your trip across the world.

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Learn about around-the-world tickets for Business Class airfare, or submit your trip details to one of our personal travel consultants, and we will get back to you with your custom airfare quote.

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