Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned. We’re here to help. Call us at 415-977-7171 or email customercare@airtreks.com for help with any of the issues below. We’ll reply to any message within 4 hours (much sooner on Monday through Friday).

Calling from outside the US? You can also reach us at the local numbers below:

UK: +44 2035147819
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Italy: +39 0282951518
Singapore: +65 31635459

If you’re facing a travel emergency and aren’t able to reach us right away, the information below should help get your trip back on track.

Help! I'm being denied boarding! What can I do?

It is extremely unusual for the airlines to deny someone boarding. When it happens, the 2 most common reasons we have seen are:

  1. Lack of proper travel documents.
  2. The airline claims you do not have a confirmed seat on the flight.

If an AirTreks agent is not available to assist during this time, you should deal directly with the airline to get your issue resolved. Follow these steps based on the reason for refusal:

  1. Lack of documents (including visas, immunization records, onward tickets, or sufficient passport validity)
    1. If you do not have the correct documents to travel:
      1. The airlines can and should rebook you. If they tell you that they cannot, ask to speak to a supervisor, and do not leave the counter until you are sure you have not been marked as a “no-show.” Note that they do have the right to charge you a change fee plus fare/tax difference to rebook your ticket.
      2. Get the names of those who refuse to assist you if possible.
      3. Ask the airlines to rebook your flight for another day.
      4. If they cannot, or if you are not sure when you should rebook, ask if they can cancel your ticket so that you can rebook it at another time.
      5. If you’re offered a refund, ask for details in writing.
      6. If your ticket is reissued, make sure you have updated travel documents with a confirmation number before leaving the counter.
    2. If you believe that you do have the correct documents to travel:
      1. The airlines can and should rebook you. If they tell you that they cannot, do not leave the counter, and follow these steps:
      2. Ask to speak to a supervisor immediately
      3. Get names of everyone you speak with from the airlines
      4. Ask for something in writing indicating why they are not letting you on the plane
      5. Make sure you are not marked as a “no-show”. Ask them to rebook your ticket for the following day. If they cannot, ask them to cancel your ticket so that you can rebook it another time.
      6. If they charge you any fees, get a receipt so that we can help you file a claim with the airlines for reimbursement (assuming that you do in fact hold the documents required).
  2. The airline says you do not have a confirmed seat on the flight
    1. The ticket is your “confirmed seat”. We’ve never seen a case where a ticket we have sold was “not confirmed”.
    2. Some airlines use this tactic when they oversell flights and they want to bump people without compensation. Your ticket is your confirmed seat.
    3. If the airlines have oversold the flight, they must either compensate you or rebook you to travel with a different airline.
    4. Be polite but firm. Do not leave the counter without a resolution.
    5. If you’re offered a refund or reissue, get something in writing.
    6. Make a note of the names of the staff who are denying you boarding.

I’m leaving in the next 2 days, and the airline just canceled my flight. What should I do?

  1. Go to the airport
  2. If the airlines won’t rebook your ticket for you by phone, go to the airport.
  3. If the airlines tell you that only AirTreks can rebook your ticket, go to the airport.
  4. If the airlines tell you specifically NOT to go to the airport, go to the airport.
  5. The only instance in which you shouldn’t head to the airport is in the case of a dangerous situation at the airport, such as a bombing, shooting, or fire.

Why are you sending me to the airport? I don’t want to stand in line forever, and frankly that’s the last thing I want to do if I can’t travel as planned!

During large-scale flight cancellations, airlines recommend that travelers call the airline call center for rebooking or customer assistance. We recommend against this because:

  1. Thousands of travelers will be trying to call the airline at the same time, and the call center staff are not as informed or able as airline ground staff to handle these requests.
  2. In the case of large-scale weather emergencies, only the staff on the ground at the airport have the most recent information about when the next flight will depart.
  3. The airline ground staff at the airport can rebook your flights even if the airline’s website or call staff states otherwise. This is especially true during busy holiday periods.
  4. In the case of other types of cancellations, the airport staff often have more leeway to interpret fare rules than the call center staff.
  5. We’ve found that clients who are told by the call center that “only AirTreks can rebook you” have been rebooked immediately upon turning up at the airport.

If your particular situation is not due to large-scale weather cancellations, you can try calling the airlines first. If it’s just one or two flights that have been cancelled rather than dozens or hundreds, the airline call center may be able to assist you. But if they refuse to rebook you, head to the airport.

What to do at the airport

  1. Once you’re at the airport, please go to the airline’s ticket counter and don’t leave the counter until you have a confirmed seat on the next available flight to your final destination. This is especially important when lots of flights have been cancelled due to weather. Get whatever confirmed seat you can– you can always try to adjust it later if a better option comes up.
  2. The airline may tell you that they cannot rebook you for a variety of reasons, but in nearly all cases, they should be able to rebook you on another flight.
  3. If the airline states that their flights are overbooked, or they do not know when their next flight will depart, request the airline rebook you on another airline.
    • Airlines have the ability to do this, and we have seen many cases where our passengers are rebooked on other carriers to get to their final destination.
  4. For cancelled flights, the airlines can either give you a refund, or they can rebook you on another carrier. We recommend trying to press them to rebook, but if you decide to take the refund, please get something in writing with a signature from the airlines regarding the cancelation and the amount to be refunded.

I have 2 separate tickets connecting through to my final destination. My first flight was delayed. I have missed or will surely miss my connection. What are my options?

If you are holding 2 separate tickets, even if your luggage is checked all the way through, the airlines do not have the obligation to rebook you for free if your first flight is delayed.

It’s possible that they will do so, but the most likely scenario is that they would charge you a change fee to rebook to a different flight.

  1. If you have not yet departed on leg #1
    1. Ask the airline operating leg #1 to book you onto a different flight that will allow you to make your connection.
    2. Ask for a refund of the ticket you are holding for leg #1, and then buy a new ticket on another carrier that will allow you to make your connection.
      • If you are offered a refund, get it in writing or get the name of the person who offered it to you.
    3. Contact airline #2. If you can go to a ticket counter, great. If not, contact their call center.
      • Explain the situation and see if there are later flights that would allow you to connect. Request that they rebook you.
  2. If you have flown leg #1
    1. If there is the slightest chance you can make your connection, try to make a run for it. Explain the situation to the flight staff– they may be able to let you off before other passengers, or to call ahead for assistance. (Note that airline #1 is not obligated to help if you have 2 separate tickets. You’ll be relying on their staff’s good nature and your personal charm, so behave accordingly).
    2. If you can’t make it, go to airline #2’s ticket counter. Explain the situation and see if they can rebook you to travel on their next flight out. You may have to pay a change fee and any fare and tax difference.
      1. If they will not rebook you, but refer you back to us, ask them not to mark you as a “no-show” if possible. If you have already missed the flight, they may have already marked you as a “no-show.” If you get there before the flight departs, but too late to check in, they may be able to cancel it before departure.
      2. It’s possible that if you miss check-in completely, you’ll have to buy a new ticket. Many airlines will try to sell you a new ticket right off the bat. Try asking for a supervisor to see if they can help you rebook your original ticket rather than immediately buying a new flight.
      3. We strongly recommend trying to sort out your flights with the staff at the airport rather than trying via the airline’s call center. Often the staff on the ground have the ability to bend the rules in these cases where the call center staff do not.

Oh no! I can’t check in for my flights online! And for some of my flights, I can’t see my reservation on the airline’s website! Why not?

Checking In Online:
Not all flights are available for online check-in. Sometimes, this has to do with known glitches between the airlines and the reservation system used by travel agencies like AirTreks. Other times, it is just not possible to check in online for tickets that have not been booked directly on the airlines’ website, especially with smaller airlines that only operate regionally.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix: you can always check in at the airport directly at the airline’s check-in counter.

Pulling up your reservations:
You should be able to pull up your booking on the official website for most carriers, however, some airlines will not allow you to view your itinerary online if it was not booked directly on their website. If you’re having trouble accessing your reservations online, we recommend the following tips:

  1. Sometimes airline websites will ask for your first and last names. If you have a middle name, try entering First and Middle names in the “first name” field”.
  2. Try searching by ticket number and confirmation number.
  3. If you still can’t pull up your reservations and you are concerned about your booking, call the airlines directly. Ask them to pull up your reservation. If they can’t find it with the ticket number or the record locator, try giving them the date of travel and the flight number as well as your full name as printed on your passport. With the right information, they should be able to find your booking.

There’s been a change in schedule for my flight, and the airlines say they can’t reissue the ticket. I’m leaving soon, what should I do?

If our office is closed, and you do not expect us to re-open before the flight departs, go to the airport and ask the airline to reissue or revalidate your ticket for you. If our office will reopen before the flight is scheduled to depart, call us at or (1)415-977-7171 or 1-877-AIRTREKS and leave a message, or send us an email at customercare@airtreks.com and we’ll take care of it for you as soon as possible.



I can't believe it! I missed my flight. How can I get help?

If you miss a flight, we recommend that you head to the airport or an airline office to try to rebook.  The rules are different for every ticket. In some cases, if you miss a flight your ticket is completely unusable and not refundable. In other cases, you can pay an additional airline fee to reinstate your reservation on a different day.

Our advice, in this case, is to go to the airport to request that the airlines assist you in rebooking. Often the agents at the airport are better equipped to help in situations like this than call centers, and especially in cases where flights are very full, airport staff will have access to more up-to-the-minute availability to rebook you on the next available flight.

If you cannot rebook your original ticket, your option is to book a new ticket for the flight you missed. Sometimes, if the flight you missed is part of a larger ticket that also includes subsequent flights, you may even have to buy several new tickets to get your trip back on track.