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Work + Travel South America with AirTreks

Live like a local in some of South America’s most beautiful and exciting cities.

Recommended trip length: 6 weeks to 6 months

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a mix of old world and new. The plazas and architecture would look at home in Europe, but there is no mistaking the South American flavor of this vibrant and cosmopolitan city.

Work + Travel visitors say: “Buenos Aires exceeded all my expectations as a destination. The food, the culture, the welcoming people. Incredible city.”


Santiago is nestled in the country’s central valley and boasts a magnificent backdrop of the Andes to complement the beautiful architecture of the city itself. Enjoy said scenery while lounging in one of the many city parks, or head to the Centro to scope out a museum or two before a dinner at a world class restaurant in Bellavista.

Work + Travel visitors say: “Would definitely recommend Santiago as a great place to spend a month.”


With traces of civilization that span millennia, Lima is an amalgam of sophistication, history, and Latin American excitement. Perched on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific, Lima is a diverse and constantly morphing city.

Work + Travel visitors say: “Lima is a great base for side trips to the Amazon, Inca trail, Titicaca. Food was amazing!”


With lush forest peaks stretching out in every direction, Medellín is half metropolis and half natural resource. A bustling commercial center, Medellín is also a famous university city – with the commensurate levels of energy and innovation. The city seems more European than Latin American in its sophisticated charm and style.

Work + Travel visitors say: “Colombia is a great place to practice Spanish. Medellin really is the city of eternal spring- perfect weather!”

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