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We're the flight partner that Google, Intrepid, Scott Dunn, Bushtracks, and Concordia University trust with their travelers. We can probably help you too. Get more information here about how to get back your priceless Time, Money, and Effort.

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Are you looking for help with airfare for your team, tours, or groups? We provide high-touch planning service with 24/7 support for travelers (since 1987), and we’ve turned cost centers into profit pools for our clients.

How Great is Our Service?

NiceReply reports our NPS scores are the 3rd highest among their customers.
CSAT SCORE: 9.69 / 10
CES SCORE: 6.27 / 7

“There was a sense that AirTreks was my partner from first contact, through trip planning, to departure.” Alex, 2018 AirTreks traveler

“AirTreks did a remarkable job. I appreciate the first rate customer support I received throughout my journey.” Malcolm, 2017 AirTreks traveler

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Honored to support companies like Google, Concordia University, Remote Year, We Roam

AirTreks Group Experts have coordinated thousands of complex international group flights for companies and individuals. Some of the services our Groups team will provide:

  • Expert route planning + 24/7 support
  • Customized notification and reporting systems
  • Online tools to manage itinerary delivery and change requests

Get a quote for your group through this form. Feel free to email us at, or call at 415-977-7174.

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Honored to support companies like Intrepid, Scott Dunn, Rothschild’s Safaris, Bushtracks, Extraordinary Journeys

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Honored to partner with influencers like Nomadic Matt, Rolf Potts, Chris Christensen, Extra Pack of Peanuts,, and Vagabrothers

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Why use AirTreks?

You offer international travel, particularly complex itineraries & business class
You want the best flights possible for you and your people. Quality, Price, Expert Advice.
You need seamless coordination with your tour experience.
You love 24/7 emergency support and service

Give your international travelers access to expert Travel Planners who specialize in creating a high-touch, white-glove experience. Our above-and-beyond service is provided to you 24/7.

Contact us for details at or 415-977-7159.

I just wanted to say how invaluable your services are and how much I appreciate you and what you help us achieve!” – Ken Hermer, Travel Consultant, Scott Dunn Private Journeys

Benefits of partnering with AirTreks:

Easy Changes
We monitor flight changes and help if a traveler needs a change. You never need to wait on hold with an airline again.

Reliable 24/7 Support
We are always a phone call or email away. We have staff working across all time zones to help if there is an emergency.

VIP Travelers
Have travelers with unique needs? We love unique people and we can book luxury, business class, alliance, families, LGBTQ travelers. You name it, we will let you know what’s possible.

Full Accounting
Comparing airfare offerings can be complex. So is making sure everything is paid for properly across different airlines. We handle this so that you have a simple way of managing budgets and cashflow.

Coordinated Realtime Itineraries
Travelers can originate from anywhere, assemble at one location and travel from there together. It’s what we do best.

Employee Sabbaticals
We help retain top talent and boost productivity for organizations that want to create awesome sabbatical programs. AirTreks Sabbatical Planners can help your company build a customized Sabbatical Program with full package solutions that minimize your HR effort, customized marketing materials and policy implementation assistance, curated experiences to help your talent make the most of their time away from the office. Contact us [link to form] to learn more about what AirTreks can do for you.

RTW for Travel Agencies
Wholesale RTW tickets for CLIA or IATA certified agencies who want net pricing on RTW trips.
AirTreks Travel Planners work with you directly to build fully custom air itineraries for your clients. Enjoy net pricing and even run your client’s charges through our system without additional fees. Contact us [link to form] to learn more.

Case Studies

Since 2012 AirTreks has managed flights for the Google Associate Project Managers (APM) program. AirTreks also managed flights for Yahoo’s APM programs for years.

Google typically requests flights for 30 to 150 people flying concurrently from and to multiple locations around the world, several times per year. We worked with Marissa Meyer and now work with Brian Rakowski.

Brian has told us that Google uses AirTreks because they know they can count on us to take care of them.

Bushtracks Expeditions pairs our concierge flight desk with their African safari tours.

Intrepid Travel refers tour clients to us for airfare, because multi-stop, complex international airfare is our specialty.

Scott Dunn is all about accomplishing bucket lists and having profound personal travel experiences – those are our company values too, so we’re a perfect match.

Extraordinary Journeys chooses us because luxury travel requires concierge service at every step of the journey.

Concordia University partners with us to make sure their groups of students stay together while traveling around the world for experiential learning.

Who we are NOT good for…

If the bulk of your business is roundtrip flights to big competitive destinations. Our tools and expertise aren’t likely to help you save or improve enough to find any margins.

If you primarily focus on trips within the USA or Caribbean. There’s just so much competition and the audiences are typically cost shoppers – tough for us to beat and offer superior support.

If you are an overland tour or cruise company departing from a relatively easy travel destination (London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, etc.). It’s possible we could help you if you are planning groups from multiple destinations to get to one place. That’s complicated. But if you only have one or a few passengers heading from the same origin, you might want to try someone else.

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Customized Solutions

You dream it, we help build it.

Our Products team is always excited about collaborating with companies that want to collaborate to build innovative travel products with us. We believe Travel is Vital and love working with people and companies to get more folks on the road.

Contact Sara Tiffany at or 415-977-7142