One of the many things that sets AirTreks apart from the airline alliances is our flexibility. Backtracking, the act of reversing the Escher doesn't backtrack on his flightsgeneral direction of travel around the globe, is typically prohibited on many alliance round-the-world tickets. An AirTreks ticket always allows this. As a matter of fact, you can arrange your ticket using any number of combinations, directions and routings, with a fully customizable city list and overland travel potential.

One thing to remember however is that an AirTrek will almost always increase in price the greater the distance traveled, and backtracking has a drastic effect on overall mileage, and hence the price. To keep the final fare as low as possible, we encourage people to try to travel in the most direct line across the planet, backtracking only when necessary. The money you save could be your own!