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Travel’s for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it has to be one-size-fits-all. We want to make long-haul and RTW travel more accessible to travelers of all ages, particularly older adults. Going around the world doesn’t have to mean roughing with a backpack and sharing dorm rooms in hostels with college students. But it doesn’t have to mean organized bus tours, and American chain hotels, either.

Whatever your travel style is, we’ve got some tips from the experts on our team of personal travel consultants (and some senior travel bloggers) for making your trip safer, more comfortable, and more fun.

How to Balance Home, Away, and a Budget (And Travel All You Like, At Any Age)

Senior travelers share how they stay balanced, on budget & connected with family and friends back home, even on international and around the world trips.

Our Top 6 Round-the-World Tips for Older Travelers

Our RTW Travel Experts share their best tips for seniors, retirees, and travelers of ages.

Why Seniors Should Forget Fear & Just Travel – Expert insights from Seniors who travel the world

Most seniors have two things all travelers dream about: freedom and flexibility. Free from work and family obligations, they can be flexible when making travel plans, whether said plans are cross-country or around the world. But what about fear? Senior travelers weigh in on what they love about travel, their fears, and why everyone (regardless of age) should travel anyway.

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