AirTreks Recommends Places to Stay

Here are some sites we like to help us book a place to lay our heads at the end of the day.

Whether you are looking for an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora, or a shared room in a cool hostel in Berlin, these options will help you find the perfect place to stay on your trip.

Accommodations Around the World

Check out our top picks for booking accommodations for your trip!

  • The easiest way to search for a place to stay. lists hotels, vacation rentals, hostels, B&B’s and more.
  • Reviews help you decide what to book based on feedback from other travelers.


  • Stay like a local. Rent out a room, flat or house anywhere your travels take you via this easy to use app.
  • A great way to connect with people and culture in the places you travel.

Tablet Hotels

  • Wonderfully curated collection of luxury hotels. Join as a Tablet member for special deals.


  • Extensive collection of hotels and hostels with a great customer support team.

Great Small Hotels

  • Curated selection of small hotels all over the world.
  • Each hotel included is hand-selected by two architects from Barcelona.

Hostel Bookers

  • Easy interface to find a great hostel close to where you want to be.

AirTreks earns revenue from some of these companies if you make a purchase with them through our affiliate links above.
We love and personally use all of the companies we recommend.
We choose our affiliate partnerships based on people we trust to provide awesome experiences.

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