Nicola Cook

Expert Travel Planner

“Wow, you guys must be crazy!”
“The kids are so young, they won’t remember anything”
“I can’t even imagine where to start to do that with my family”

When you take your kids aged 1½ and 4 around the world, people get curious, right? It’s one of my core beliefs that travel is an essential experience. That making connections with people and experiencing cultures is what shapes us, as individuals and as collectives. So we took the plunge and did it.
A year later, and our 2 year old talks about ‘dragon’ temples in Penang, lion dancers with lucky oranges in Kuala Lumpur, and her beloved beach horse in Goa. Our 5 year old is outgoing, curious, and talks to everyone – and has absorbed so much, first hand. Want to know about geothermals in New Zealand or how orangutans play in Borneo? He’s your boy. Complete with sound effects. The touchstone I keep coming back to as a parent is if they’re old enough to learn then they’re old enough to travel!

Ive been lucky enough to travel a lot before having kids as a solo and couple traveller: partying in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo, kayaking with a blue whale in the Sea of Cortez, and singing along watching Boca Juniors at La Bomboneria in Buenos Aires. Living and working in different parts of the world has shaped my personal perspective, and me. And now to continue our adventure as a family is like seeing the world all over again.

When it comes to travel, anything is possible. I’ve been through the hopes, dreams and fears of making that anything happen. I’d love to hear what your anything is, and help make it a reality!

Current City: London, United Kingdom

Favorite City: Anywhere in a kayak

Countries Traveled: Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Ecuador, France, Galapagos Islands, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Malaysian Borneo, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA