The AirTreks Difference: Advantages to buying from AirTreks

Why you should buy your tickets with AirTreks



1) Help while on the road

Our Traveler Support Desk is here to help you before, during and after your trip. You may want to change your route, your flights or the airline could change your flight for you. Whatever happens on your trip, we are here for you.

2) Expert Advice from Experienced Travelers

All of our Travel Planners have been on at least one Around the World  trip. They lived it and want to help you live it. Around the World and Multi-Stop International  airfare is ALL that AirTreks does, and we are the best in the world.

3) Our Customers Love Working with Us.

“You guys have been great every step of the way providing feedback, assistance and guidance while we were on the road” – Aran and Renee

“We have reached out to him a couple of times as we have traveled and he has always been quick to respond.” – Jessica Young

“We have had some HORRIBLE customer service on our trip, but Airtreks has been nothing but the best!” – Jocilyn

“Planning flights for a year is a big job, but Airtreks managed it all and the best thing about your company is the freedom of our itinerary. No other companies could make our dream route possible.” – Nancy and Kenneth

“Thank you so much! [Kristina], Sarah and Angelica have been a great deal of help! I appreciate the fast and friendly help at a low price.” – Nicole

“I couldn’t believe how smoothly everything went with our flights and reservations. From start to finish, you made everything happen so seamlessly for us (and saved us a lot of money on flights!)” – Jillian

4) Expert routing advice

Destination options are limitless, we’ll offer additional stops, have more direct flights, better connections, and will suggest when it might be best to travel overland, all the while keeping costs within your budget.

5) One point managing all different airlines

No matter how well you plan things the airlines might have plans of their own and change your flight time or day. These involuntary changes happen and we know that they will impact your other flights or connections. AirTreks can take care of any problems for you all reservations are in one shared system. Our support and sales teams are checking to see if there are any changes to your flights and will notify you if there has been a change and work to make sure that your connections go smoothly.

6) Flexibility

You can buy your entire trip upfront. You can buy it in parts. There are no rules. The routing is flexible, backtracking is allowed, you can visit as many continents and travel as many miles as you want. Te-routing is possible, and we can make any change happen.

7) Simple and Stress free

We make it easy for you. This is what we do. This is our expertise. Just tell us where you want to go, and we can figure out the best way. If you do it yourself, it won’t be simple, and it won’t be stress free.

8) We can help with everything

We can refer you to experts who know about entry requirements, visa information, and immunizations. We can refer to tour operators we’d send our moms to. We can help with accommodations, no matter what your style is. We can suggest luggage, gear, gadgets, and help with anything involved with your big trip

Why Not Buy from AirTreks?

1) You don’t care about where you go or when

2 ) You don’t mind long layovers

3) You don’t mind when airlines make schedule changes and don’t notify you

4) You don’t mind calling each airline on your own, dealing with a new person each time you have an issue.